CD/USB creator

This function creates a special version of ALLPlayer - in a specific directory you will find all the files that you can record on CD or USB memory stick (USB Flash Drive, Flash Disk, Massive Storage Device, Flash, Memory Stick, Pen Drive, USB Stick).

After inserting the CD or other memory device to any computer with a clean Windows, even without codecs, a movie immediately starts in ALLplayer.


Enter the settings: Right click on the Allplayer skin -> 'Preferences' ->' Tools' -> 'CD/USB Creator', select Video ->' Create '.

Τυχαίο άρθρο - Dubbing

image 1

How can you match Expressivo dubbing with ALLPlayer?

To configure Expressivo with ALLPlayer please follow these steps:

After installing and starting ALLPlayer go to ALLPlayer Settings.