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ALLCoverFlow ™ - is our new ALLPlayer feature. It allows the creation of 3D menus in a movie and works perfectly with our film editor - ALLContainer ™. We recommend it for bookmarking favorite scenes in a movie or, for example, as a friend's wedding movie decoration.

How to make 3D menu in a movie?

1. To understand the essence of this feature, run a video, enter ALLPlayer setup (right mouse button on the panel -> 'Preferences' -> 'Movie Editor' -> 'Video menu' and press 'Save Menu' on the title screen' (the key marked as 1) - and everything is ready.

2. Close Allplayer.

3. Start the same movie, and now a beautiful (if rather basic) 3D Menu shall appear.

You can always open 3D Menu by pressing 'Home' on a keyboard or by pressing 'AVI MENU' on the OSD in full screen mode. Of course, the above was just an example. To customize the screen according to your own specifications, now you need to set the time and screenshot for each scene.
As you can see in the picture above, clicking on cover No. 2 will take you to the point of 10 min. movie time. To set your own times, click 'Edit' (the key marked 2).
Now you can specify exact times and insert your own snapshots instead of these CD covers (3).

The changes you have made will be instantly visible and most importantly everything is in one file, which you can send to a friend. Of course you can play this file on every other player. However, 3D menu is exclusive to ALLPlayer.

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